Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stars Upon Thars

I had no idea what to title this blog and I looked down at my belly (I'm wearing a new tank top with silver stars on it ) and voila! That has nothing to do with anything.
I'm really sleepy and I should be in bed now (Wendy's asleep - quick make a break for it!) but I want to WRITE. I want to write so bad I can taste it. I'm reading On Writing by Stephen King aloud to my creative writing class - it's part autobiography part instruction booklet and ALL great. The man spends like six to eight hours a day just reading and writing. It sounds like heaven. And I think I could do it. Be a writer, I mean - I've read a lot of books, and I am at least partly certain that I could write something as good if not better than at least 25% of the shit I've read before. I just need...what? I don't know - an idea? inspiration? time? something to pull the safety net out from under my feet? Maybe if I haven't done it by now I'm not meant to ever do it. Who knows. We were talking in my advisory class today about how cool it would be if the people who got the blood you donated could contact you to thank you - and how cute it would be if that's how one couple met and fell in love. See - pretty decent starting point for a story, but so then what? What's the conflict? What must they overcome? Where am I going with this? That's where I always lose it. I can get started, but I can never finish - or even get to the middle - because I'm not really so good at the conflict. Joss Whedon said all the best stories start with a "what if"...but what if I never come up with my "what if"?