Saturday, May 23, 2009

the longest two weeks EVER

There are only two weeks left in this school year and I feel like my brains are going to melt out of my ears. Therefore, a summary:
I. Bad Stuff
A. I only have THREE students signed up for my BCA class next year
1. They are my BOTTOM three choices
B. I only have ONE WEEK to plan the Drama Club Awards Banquet
1. haven't order awards or patches
2. haven't made DVDs
3. don't even know WHEN it's going to be
C. I'm so stressed I've been pulling my hair out again
1. This makes Alex quite upset with me
2. This also makes me quite bald behind the ears
D. We have no money
1. Alex has no job
2. the economy sucks so his likelihood of getting a job (that he likes & that pays well) is pretty small
3. I still want stuff...even though we have no way to pay for it
4. I especially want to move out of this stupid, lame house
II. Good Stuff
A. New Mexico Trip
1. We hope to go soon after school is out
2. We'll go with Mommy Suzan & Daddy Donald so it won't cost very much
3. We'll get to see my mom & dad & brother and Sam & Des & David and they'll all get to see Wendy
4. We'll get to stay as long as we like - Alex has no job yet & I'm out of school
B. School will be over soon for TWO blessed months
1. I'll have time to be with Wendy
2. I'll have time to work out
3. I'll have time to plan awesome drama lessons for the BCA class next year
4. I'll have time to read & cook & sleep & go to the water park
C. I have awesome books to read for the summer thanks to our school's summer reading program
D. Beach Days with Jenny once a week
E. Spa Days with Jenny once a week
F. So You Think You Can Dance (the COOLEST TV show EVER) starts soon...
Gotta go pay bills now...

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  1. Good luck getting through the next couple of weeks!