Sunday, June 6, 2010

baby steps

I meant to write a great big blog today about how my first week of The Artist's Way went. And I was going to whine a little about how I'm feeling overwhelmed and wishing I hadn't committed to this YET AGAIN as I am sure it will all eventually amount to nothing, and I was going to ask for some positive encouragement from you to help keep me going.
Then I realized that I did more to take care of myself this week than I did last week, and that's quite an accomplishment. That I feel mostly OK about how I did this week and that I get to start again with a clean slate today, at the beginning of week two. So I will remember to be positive and go with the flow and I will give you this, becasue I think it's cute:

Wendy is VERY FOCUSED when she is blowing bubbles - it's serious business folks. Good night - sleep sweet...

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